Rokita Targets Google Bias in Letter to FTC

WASHINGTON, D.C. — As the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) begins their public series addressing competition and consumer protection in the 21st century,Congressman Todd Rokita released a second letter to the FTC calling for an investigation into Google misleading their users with manipulated search engine results that benefited their biased agenda. This letter comes on the heels of a recently surfaced video of Google leadership expressing shock and dismay after the election of President Donald Trump.

“Google’s unrivalled power online gives them incredible capability to influence people all over the world, and consumers have the right to know if  Google’s search engine is manipulating its results in a biased manner,” said Congressman Todd Rokita. “Time and time again, Google has consistently put liberal media at the forefront of their search results, while silencing conservative voices in the process. That is why I have called upon the FTC to conduct an investigation into Google wrongfully using their growing monopoly to promote liberal agendas.”

Earlier this year, Congressman Rokita sent a letter to the FTC and Department of Justice (DOJ) requesting an update on the status of antitrust investigations into Google.Following this letter, the FTC announced their public series hearings. You can view Rep. Rokita’s first letter here, and his second letter here.

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