Rokita statement on Pope Francis's historic visit

Washington, D.C. – Rep. Rokita (IN-04) issued the following statement after participating in Pope Francis’s joint meeting with Congress today.

“The Pope’s message inspires me to help continue leading a thoughtful conversation on a few of the Judeo-Christian characteristics of our collective moral code.  

“Serving others is a major aspect of our American Exceptionalism and is only possible because of the free market.  Economic freedom, invigorated by the spirit of competition and innovation are what increases our standard of living. These are gifts that we can continue to use to lift the impoverished and the least among us.  I appreciate the Pope’s acknowledgment of the nobility of business.  I believe we should continue to openly embrace free enterprise as the best engine ever devised to raise the condition of all men,” said Rep. Rokita.    

Rokita also discussed the Pope’s concerns regarding the importance of preserving the family unit and climate change.   

“The Pope is right, protecting the family unit, a fundamental part of a free society, is very much needed in our society now.  I see it every day as I work on kindergarten through grade twelve education policies. I also believe, like the Pope, that we need to be good stewards of our environment and have a moral obligation to protect God’s creation for future generations.  We also agree that the science behind climate change is not conclusive. Meanwhile, most human emissions, which are far less than natural CO2 emissions, derive from electricity, transportation, and industry.  These are the engines of change that have modernized and improved our lives.  For example, fossil fuels and electricity have given millions of people living in impoverished areas reliable access to clean drinking water and sustainable food sources.  Given what I learned today, I conclude that the Pope would approve of such things,” added Rokita.

Rep. Rokita hosted fellow board trustee from St. Joseph’s college as his personal guest.  Following the Pope’s speech, 4th District Hoosiers were invited to a reception in Rep. Rokita’s office.

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