Putnamville Troopers Receive Aircraft Assistance for Traffic Enforcement

Putnamville—Nov 8–2017 troopers from the Putnamville Post received an enhancement to their ongoing traffic enforcement efforts.

Indiana State Police Sergeant Lee Wright, from the ISP Aviation Section, piloted his Cessna 172 Skyhawk to the Putnamville District, and joined forces with Putnamville District officers, Sergeant Jared Nicoson, Master Troopers Jason Owen and Gary Winters, and Senior Trooper Bill Bradbury.


Patrolling high above State Road 63 in northern Vermillion County, Sgt. Wright would detect speeding vehicles below, utilizing his VASCAR (Visual Average Speed Computer and Recorder) and a set of pre-determined painted lines on the roadways edge. Sgt. Wright would then radio the units below and guide them to the target vehicle to ensure the correct vehicle was stopped for enforcement action.


During this period, troopers issued (14) traffic citations (13 for speeding) and (27) warnings. The highest speed of the morning was 90mph. The designated patrols occurred from 9:00a.m. to 12p.m. and was in a 60mph zone.


The Indiana State Police will continue to use every tool available to decrease dangerous and aggressive driving and to ensure public safety on our highways. Motorists should expect to see an increase in the coming months, of ISP aircraft patrolling above state highways and interstate systems throughout Indiana.


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