IndyGo Prepares for the Winter Season with Travel Tips for Passengers

INDIANAPOLIS (November 14, 2019) – As the winter weather continues, IndyGo operations on the Red Line will prioritize the rider experience by giving door control to customers. During warmer temperatures, operators open all station-side doors for speedy boarding. 

To maintain comfortable temperatures inside the bus, doors will remain closed unless a passenger opens the doors to exit or board. In addition to ensuring a comfortable ride during colder months, the passenger-activated door function helps with energy efficiency by keeping the air in. To open the doors for boarding, passengers will press the green button next to each door. To open the doors from inside the vehicle, passengers should touch the yellow stripes on the doors. Signage inside and outside the vehicles will help to educate riders about the passenger door controls. For riders needing additional assistance, operators will open the doors as normal. 

IndyGo will continue to operate fixed route and rapid service during heavy snowfall and icy roads. IndyGo is responsible for removing snow and salting IndyGo facilities and properties. All rapid transit stations feature a snowmelt system that automatically turns on when moisture in the air is detected. Depending on road conditions, possible delays system-wide may occur. Roads including bus-only lanes will be maintained by The Department of Public Works.

IndyGo encourages business owners and residents to keep their sidewalks clear of snow and ice to make passage to bus stops safe for all pedestrians.

Passengers will see the image below displayed on all screens inside the vehicles. 

Winter Tips for riders

  • Wear warm, highly visible clothing so you can be spotted at a bus stop.
  • Use extra caution and watch your footing as snow and ice can make sidewalks, steps, and bus floors slippery.
  • Hold onto the railing when boarding and exiting local buses.
  • Watch your step when boarding and exiting rapid transit vehicles.
  • Contact the IndyGo Customer Service Call Center at 317.635.3344, for real-time bus arrivals and information on detours. Detours and route delays can also be found on IndyGo’s website.
  • Utilize the MyStop mobile application or the real-time arrival text service (text IND [5-digit stop ID] to 321123) for updates on bus arrival times.
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to ensure you receive the proper alerts.

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