How to file your 2023 Indiana Individual income taxes

Indiana’s tax season is here. Whether you file your Individual income taxes yourself, work with a tax professional or use tax preparation software, the best option is to file your return electronically to get your refund sooner. E-filing helps catch mistakes that might cause a delay in processing your return and is more secure.

You can choose from several e-filing companies that meet DOR’s criteria to file both your state and federal taxes at the same time. Or depending on your income, you may qualify to file for free using INfreefile. If you’re working with a tax preparer, they can e-file both returns for you as well.

Submitting a paper return by yourself is free, but it could mean missing credits and deductions. You can find mailing addresses and current tax year forms at Please note that you should not modify our official forms in any way.

Information on the which documents you’ll need and the correct tax form to use to file your 2023 Indiana Individual income tax return is available on DOR’s “What you need to file a tax return” page.

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