Hendricks County Invasive Management Cooperative Announces Logo Contest

The fledgling effort to combat invasive plant species in Hendricks County has a new name – the Hendricks County Invasive Management Cooperative (HC-IMC).

Now the all-volunteer group is looking for a logo.

Those interested should first learn a little about invasive plants. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources website has ample information. Knowing what that graphic design stands for is essential background preparation.

Numerous kinds of invasive species are found all across Hendricks County, in towns, the countryside, private property, fields and pastures, along roadways and waterways, and even in county and municipal parks.

It’s likely every property owner has invasive species growing on their land.

Invasives harm the Indiana economy, costing the state $8.2 million annually. An estimated $34 billion is lost nationally every year through direct damage, treatment costs and productivity loss.

Invasives harm the environment, adversely affecting human, animal and native plant health. Invasives choke out native plant growth.

The logo design contest is open to all county residents of all ages. The design must be versatile, and readily reproducible in black-and-white and color. Color(s) must be specified and demonstrated in submissions. The successful entry must be simple in design and work well in large and small formats.

The “HC-IMC” letters and the cooperative’s full name need not both appear in the design, or they can be combined, or consider HC Invasive Management Cooperative.

The winning entry must work well in on-line and print applications, from websites to postcards, T-shirts, buttons and bumper stickers.

Entries should be in PDF format and sent to Brianna.Ollier@in.nacdnet.net by Oct. 1. Submit questions to miner.roads@gmail.com.

Submissions must include entrant’s name, address, phone and email address. Please send only one entry.

The winner, to be announced in November, will receive a large swag bag of gift items including from the Hendricks County Soil & Water Conservation District, and be recognized in HC-IMC communications announcing the new logo.

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