Hendricks County Community Foundation Grants to Hendricks Regional Health Foundation for 20th Anniversary Celebration

hccf_logo_topHendricks County- In celebration of 20 years of service to Hendricks County, the Hendricks County Community Foundation is presenting $1,000 grants to County nonprofits every 20 days in 2016. These 20th Anniversary Board Engagement Grants allow each member of the HCCF Board of Directors to designate a Hendricks County nonprofit that is important to them and to Hendricks County.

The second HCCF 20th Anniversary Grant was presented to the Hendricks Regional Health (HRH) Foundation on behalf of HCCF Board member Marland Villanueva. Villanueva chose the Foundation because he is passionate about the good that it does to support the initiatives of HRH.  “As a primary supporter of Hendricks Regional Health, the Foundation does so much to raise awareness of and provide funding for various initiatives that enhance the quality of health care in our community. My wife Tanya serves on the Foundation Board.  As both a board member and a recent patient, she has experienced firsthand the top-notch services provided by the great staff at HRH,” said Villanueva.

Staff at HRH Foundation were not only grateful for the grant but also for all the support from and partnership with HCCF over the years. “We were thrilled! What a great way for HCCF to reach out to other organizations in the community and show support. HCCF has been a great supporter through the years. The first grant we received was in support of our prenatal program. HCCF’s support of that program really spurred those classes being available online,” said Sue Bogan, Executive Director of HRH Foundation.

The HCCF 20th Anniversary Grants are a celebration of the Community Foundation’s 20 years of work and partnerships made possible by generous donors and supporters. “This 20th Anniversary grant presented by Marland Villanueva was exciting because it demonstrates that our board is very passionate and serving in many capacities in our community. It is exciting to see families partnering together as the Villanuevas do in giving back to a community they love. That’s really at the heart of what we are about at HCCF, connecting people with local causes that matter to them. That’s what the Community Foundation has done for 20 years and we look to continue in that for years to come,” said William Rhodehamel, HCCF Executive Director.

HCCF 20 Ann

Marland Villanueva, HCCF Board Member, presents Hendricks Regional Health Foundation with $1,000 grant in celebration of the Hendricks County Community Foundation’s 20th anniversary.

Photo from left to right: William Rhodehamel: HCCF Executive Director, Sue Bogan: HRH Foundation Executive Director, Julia Muholland: HRH Foundation Board Secretary, Tanya Villanueva: HRH Foundation Board of Directors, Marland Villanueva: HCCF Board of Directors

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