Apple Watch Update to AAA App Gives Consumers Control Over Gas Spending

Indianapolis, IN – Nov. 10, 2015 – As the recognized leader in providing fuel price trends and gas prices to consumers, AAA has unveiled its AAA app functionality for Apple Watch. With the recent update, Apple Watch owners can now find the gas station near them that is fastest to get to or the station with the cheapest price for the type of fuel they need. The app also ensures consumers have the most accurate gas prices available by updating prices across the United States and Canada seven times a day.


“AAA’s new Apple Watch functionality puts consumers in charge of their time and helps them make decisions on how much money they spend on gas, whether it’s in their daily commute, or traveling for leisure or business,” said AAA President and CEO Marshall Doney. “Updating our app to integrate with the newest platforms shows AAA’s commitment to lead in the consumer technology space and provide value for our members and the traveling public.”


The AAA Gas Price functionality for Apple Watch searches gas station pricing within a multi-mile radius of the user. It then shows filtering options selected by the user, such as fastest or cheapest. The fastest gas station is determined by reviewing detailed turn-by-turn directions of the eight closest stations and layering traffic information to compute drive times. Navigation to the stations is routed through Apple Maps. Users can also configure the app to select the price for the type of fuel they need.


Users should program the watch before driving, then follow Apple Watch’s turn-by-turn voice commands or designate a passenger to help navigate to a destination

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