Accidental Shooting Sends Two Individuals to Hospital

Greencastle, IN – Putnam County Department of Child Services, requested the assistance of Indiana State Police, Putnamville District, to conduct an investigation of an accidental shooting that sent two individuals to the hospital.  

Preliminary information indicates that a juvenile was visiting with grandparents on April 19, 2019.  The juvenile had asked the grandfather about his handgun and wanted to know if they could go shoot.  The grandfather told the juvenile that he would have to wait and maybe they could do so later. The juvenile then proceeded to go into the grandfather’s bedroom where the handgun was kept, and located the handgun, taking it into his possession and chambering a round.   The grandfather entered the bedroom and attempted to take the handgun away from the juvenile.  During this attempt, the handgun went off.  The bullet traveled through the grandfather’s left hand and struck the juvenile in the right leg.  The Putnam County Dispatch Center was immediately contacted for medical assistance.  Making the decision to not wait for medical assistance, the grandfather transported the juvenile, and himself, to the Putnam County Hospital.  The juvenile was later transported by ambulance to Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. 

The Indiana State Police want to advise the public that firearm SAFETY is a must!  Please follow these few firearm safety rules for your safety and the safety of your family.

  • Treat ALL firearms as if they were loaded.
  • DO NOT point a firearm until ready to shoot.
  • Keep finger off the trigger and outside the guard until ready to shoot.
  • Whenever your firearms are not in use, keep firearms unloaded and store them in a gun locker or use a trigger locking device.
  • ALWAYS keep firearms and ammunition away from children.

By following these few firearm safety rules, you can help prevent accidental discharge, unintentional death, injury, or property damage caused by improper handling of a firearm. 

This investigation is being conducted by Indiana State Police Trooper David Cox Jr. and detectives of the Putnamville State Police District.

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