2020 Winter/Spring Vesting Our 4-Legged K9s Raffle

In the dog days of summer, I am writing to you about our new campaign about–you guessed it– protecting K9s. Tens of thousands of these loyal, trusted dogs serve alongside their human handlers in police departments across the country. But, sadly, due to budget cuts, many departments cannot afford life-saving Kevlar vests for these dogs. Last year, approximately two dozen dogs died in the line of duty.

Last Year, We lost 28 of Our Loyal 4-Legged Heroes in the Line of Duty.

But, we know this doesn’t have to be the reality. We are launching another ambitious campaign to raise funds to distribute ballistic-proof vests for police dogs across America.

First Prize(10) Walt Disney World Passes / (4) American Airlines Tickets to Orlando, FL, Second Prize (6) Walt Disney World Passes, Third Prize 55″ 4K Smart TV and Four Prize ASUS 17″ Gaming Laptop. 

For more information on the Raffle Prizes, please click the link below.


Since each vest needs to be tailored designed and made to fit every dog’s unique body, the cost can run up to about $1,400, more than a human vest

But, we believe every K9 deserves lifesaving protection, just like their human handlers.

With your support, we can protect more K9s and ensure they and their handlers continue to do critical, life-saving work to find bombs, drugs, and missing people.

Your tax-deductible donation will save dog’s lives. Thank you for helping us distribute these vests and ensure that K9s and their human handlers continue to safely work together.

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