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Central Indiana Today airs 7:00-7:30 PM EST, weeknights on WYRZ. Nicole Kendall interviews ‘difference makers’ in the Hendricks County and Central Indiana area, highlighting the POSITIVE people and events taking place around where we live, work and play. Have someone in mind who you think Nicole should talk to? An everyday hero doing extraordinary things, a not for profit leader, a business owner making a difference, a health professional making strides in their profession–there are many definitions of a “difference maker” and Nicole loves talking with them and sharing their great stories with you! If you would like to share your story of someone you know making a difference, Nicole can be reached via email at Nicole@wyrz.org.




10-26 Mark Tieken – Local Campaigns


10-27 Dan Coats – US Senator, Brenda Farnsworth & Tina Gracey – BCSC Lawsuit


10-28 Gary Welsh – Advance Indiana


10-29 Andrew Horning – Former Candidate for Governor and US Senate


10-30 Brian Jessen – Brownsburg Town Council Elect


10-19 Jon Easter – Candidate, Indianapolis City Council


10-20 Ashley Hobbs – Brownsburg Town Council


10-21 Jay Baker – Indy Radio Legend


10-22 Melyssa Hubbard – Author, “Spanking City Hall”


10-23 Amie Thomas – Brownsburg Public Library


10-12 Troy Wymer – Former Brown Township Trustee


10-13 Congressman Todd Rokita – House of Representatives Indiana’s 4th Congressional District


10-13 Paul Poteet – Indy Radio Legend (Part I)


10-14 Paul Poteet – Indy Radio Legend (Part II)


10-15 Chris Spangle – We Are Libertarians


10-16 Pete Battistini – “American Top 40 with Casey Kasem”


10-5 Marcia Lynch – Danville Town Council


10-6 Eric Holcomb – US Senate Candidate


10-7 Marlin Stutzman – US Congressman


10-7 Dick Holmes – Brownsburg American Legion


10-8 Laura Herzog – Hendricks County Voter Registration


10-9 Ethan Lawson – Hendricks County Young Republicans


9-28 Caleb Brown – Hendricks County Council


9-29 Bill Brown – Brownsburg Fire Chief


9-30 Greg Anderson – Brownsburg Economic Development Director


10-1 Todd Young – Congressman, US Senate Candidate


10-2 Tom Fontaine – Indiana Music and Entertainment Museum


9-21 Sean Benham – Brownsburg Town Council


9-22 Jason Gibson – Brownsburg EDC


9-33 Abdul-Hakim Shabazz Part I – IndyPolitics.org


9-24 Abdul-Hakim Shabazz Part II – IndyPolitics.org


9-25 Beth Crawford – Wheels Up Youth Center


9-14 Jodi Smith – Indiana Right to Life


9-15 John Gootee – Brown Township Board


9-16 Lenn Detwiler – Hendricks County Solid Waste Management


9-17 Brett Clark – Hendricks County Sheriff


9-18 Marcus Turner – Avon Town Council


9-8 Grant Kleinhenz – Brownsburg Town Manager


9-9 Terry Laas – Brownsburg Residents for Fiscal Responsibility


9-10 Brownsburg Parks Department


9-11 Rick Barr and Rob Green – Indy Defenders of Liberty West


8-31 Brian Jessen – Brownsburg Town Council-elect


9-1 Cinda Kelley – Hendricks County Economic Development Partnership


9-2 Rick Bolt – Bolt Redevelopment (Part I)


9-3 Rick Bolt – Bolt Redevelopment (Part II)


9-4 Tom Klein – Avon Town Manager


8-25 Luke Stephenson (Danville School Board) Part I:


8-26 Luke Stephenson (Danville School Board) Part II:


8-27 Aaron Tevebaugh (Avon Town Council):


8-28 Mike O’Brien – Hendricks County GOP Chairman: