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Hendricks Power Linemen to Assist in Hurricane Recovery

Crew deploys to Georgia Tuesday

Avon, IN – Hendricks Power sent four linemen and equipment to assist in Hurricane Irma recovery efforts. The storm has created widespread property damage with more than 6 million without power in the southeastern part of the country.

An estimated 60 Indiana electric cooperative linemen left Indiana Electric Cooperatives in Indianapolis on Tuesday, Sept. 12. A live video of the line crews heading south can be found at www.facebook.com/HendricksPower.

The crews will work in two week shifts until power is restored to the region.

“We take care of needs at home first, but our crews are eager to help those in need,” said Greg Ternet, CEO of Hendricks Power. “They take tremendous pride in representing our co-op and the state of Indiana. They represent us well with how hard, professionally and safely they work.”

Because the national network of transmission and distribution infrastructure owned by electric cooperatives has been built to federal standards, line crews from any American electric cooperative can arrive on the scene ready to provide support, secure in their knowledge of the system’s engineering.

“Every cooperative in the Indiana electric cooperative family is an integral part of a state and national network of hundreds of fellow cooperatives,” said Gayvin Strantz, vice president of job training and safety for Indiana Electric Cooperatives. “It is incumbent upon us to work together and help one another in times of disaster, to make sure our power delivery systems are repaired as quickly, safely and cost-effectively as possible.”

The Indiana electric cooperative mutual aid program is coordinated by Indiana Electric Cooperative’s job training and safety department and provides cooperative assistance in service restoration from storms or other events that result in significant power outages.

Pictured above are Hendricks Power linemen that are going to assist with the recovery efforts (left to right): Chris Boling, Eric George, Kurtis Doll and Glen Broyles. 

About Hendricks Power Cooperative

Hendricks Power Cooperative provides electricity and energy services to over 30,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in west central Indiana.  Formed in 1936, the cooperative is owned and controlled by the members they serve.  For more information regarding Hendricks Power Cooperative and other related services, please visit www.hendrickspower.com.

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